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Functions are extremely powerful means to develop management skills and develop capabilities to work as a team. Shiksha Sopan conducts some regular functions in the year and some occasional functions. The regular functions are as follows.

12th January (Annual Function)

The week containing 12th January (birth anniversary of Swami Vivekanand) is the Annual function week. We do a lot of programmes such as Rangoli making, Debates, Essay and Quiz competitions, Drawing and Painting, Singing nationalistic songs etc. These are open for the entire village community around the IITK campus and we do get big participation. A Social Awareness Rally, of about 500 to 600 local children and grown ups, is taken out in the village Barasirohi.

With placards carrying socially relevant slogans like on girl’s education, clean environment, water conservation, tobacco hazards etc and shouting slogans and singing songs, this rally pumps up all residents to live a meaningful life. The closing item of the week long programme is Cultural Show of about 2.5 hours on a stage erected in Barasirohi where sopan children show their talent in dramatics, dance and oration.

15th August

This is an occasion to develop a sense of commitment to the Nation among all the audience. Remembering the struggle of freedom fighters, the function is held in IITK in L-7. Children from all centers of Shiksha Sopan oput up their programmes including a short skit on some event related to freedom struggle or social reform. The programme is very well attended and the all people are charged up with determination to serve the Nation and remove the evils from the society.

2nd October

his is a day when we re-affirm our commitment to corruption free society based on truth and non-violence and to make no compromises with Nation’s well being and security. Children at Barasirohi Vidyalaya put up skits based on life of Mahatama Gandhi and Sh Lal Bahadur Shashtri.

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