अंधकार को क्यों धिक्कारे, अच्छा हैं एक दीप जलायें  

Pratibha Poshan Yojana

Through this programme Shiksha Sopan reaches somewhat distant areas, up to say 150 km from IITK, to look for the talented children from rural areas and nurture them. This scheme aims at utilizing the huge human resource available in rural areas that goes waste due to non availability of information, resources and facilities. In this we make contacts in various areas adjoining Kanpur and select children who show promise, through a test conducted at class 8. The children remain in our contact for next three years till they pass class 10. During this period we give them

(A) 4-6 weeks fully residential summer camps every year at IIT Kanpur
(B) 1 or 2 short term camps (2-3 days) at IIT Kanpur or Anveshika, Kanpur
(C) Partial financial support for school Fee/Books
(D) Guidance for national exams like NTASE, KVPY etc.

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